Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

So excited for Baby #2 due in July
Here is Max's new shirt
Season's Greetings from Warm and Sunny FL

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Resolution for 2011: do better with the blog :)

Halloween 2010

GG made him a clown costume
I love it lil clown
B (aka Bear) goes everywhere with him
So, the other excuse for being so behind is this month (OCT) we got pregnant again with baby #2!! So very exciting and exhausting. Being pregnant with a 2 yr old (basically) is much harder this time around.

Grandparents Pics

Pawpaw and Nana Stowers with Max
Papa & GG Stewart with Max

Family Pics

I realize I am months behind on posting but I have several excuses, mostly related to moving in Aug but goes my attempt to catch up.

Lori with Max
Daddy and Max

Stowers Family

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sleeping Buddies

Max used to cuddle Scout all the time
Now he just has to HAVE Scout in his bed
He sometimes still drags him around / wants him but Scout has been replaced by......

BEAR!!!! Max loves this Bear. I bought this Bear for him and a dog for Macey for her birthday from Build a Bear workshop. Their washable and certified by asthma / allergy foundation. I loved them when I found them online. Anyway, Max helped stuff his Bear and Macey's dog. He loves this Bear so much that he gnawed a hole on it's nose and my Mom had to sew it. That being said, we bought Bear no 2. So, now I always have one clean. He doesn't know there's 2 of them and I don't plan for him to find out. He takes this thing with him everywhere. He likes to share his food with Bear, give him drinks, push him around on toys, etc.

Pool Time Fun again

Ok, here's what seems to happen a lot. Max falls asleep in the pool on my shoulder. I seem to bounce him to sleep and he will stay like this for 30-60 mins. Not just once, several times now. I think this is where he takes after me. I sleep best in water. Showers, tubs, pools, etc. I don't even use floats to sleep in a pool, I just float myself and can stay that way for hours. Anyway, guess he's taken after me, loves water and sleeps fine in it.
This is at Macey's 1st birthday party
He partied hard and then just passed out

Eating watermelon at Macey's party
He loved eating it this way

My 2 men

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Haircut

Ok, so we took Max for his first haircut at this great place called Banana's Salon
It was really expensive, almost as much as I pay for me but worth it for the first one
They had cars he could sit in while he got his hair cut and they had TVs with each station so there he was, driving a fire truck and watching ELMO
He actually cried and got mad at us when we made him leave
He just wanted to stay and drive the truck